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Beast With a Billion Backs, New Futurama DVD, Out Today

Illustration for article titled iBeast With a Billion Backs/i, New iFuturama/i DVD, Out Today

Today is June 24 and, for Futurama fans, that can only mean one thing: the latest offering from Matt Groening and Co. is out today. Beast With A Billion Backs is a "depraved, yet sensuous" episode that, according to head writer and producer David X. Cohen, refers to as "disturbing." (Yay!) "There is certainly more of an adult theme in this film than the average Futurama episode" he adds. With David Cross voicing the Beast (everyone's favorite gymnophobic, Dr Tobias Fünke), Beast With a Billion Backs welcomes back a whole bunch of familiar faces—and voices, which include Professor Stephen Hawking. Trailer is below.

You can get Beast With a Billion Backs here, and expect to see the third DVD, Bender's Game, out towards the end of the year, as it is currently in post-production. [YouTube and Wired]


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My favorite moment is when one of the gang yells 'Frak you' to someone.

Love the tentacle!