Beautiful Japanese Building to be Covered in Puke

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Japan is set to launch its first building-mounted free-fall ride in an exterior wall of Osaka's $157 million 12-story namBa H!PS entertainment complex set to open this December. The ride will provide guests with a beautiful view of the city right before it drops them 200 feet down the side of the building at 50 mph. This will undoubtedly result in an all-natural, and rather rancid type of graffiti adorning the building—not to mention one seriously pissed off janitor. [Pink Tentacle]

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thank you gizmodo for being Osaka lovers i was outside that building just a few months ago with some friends we were debating to go on the elevator or not. We opted not to because it would have been the tenth outdoor elevator that day. I dont get the japaneese obsession with them.