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Right next to your bed there's room for just one more gadget, and if you play your cards right, maybe Santa will make sure it's the Bedside Phone Center,a combination radio/alarm clock/phone with an integrated iPod dock. The 2.4GHz cordless phone comes with two handsets, and includes all the normal POTS features, like a speakerphone, answering machine and a 40-number caller ID, plus newer features, like six selectable ring tones.

Like every other dock since the creation of man, this one will charge the iPod and play music—controllable with a wireless remote control—out of its wicked awesome speakers. Since it's an AM/FM radio, you just know that the speakers are phenomenal.


The Bedside Phone Center is available for $249.95. Extra handsets are available to purchase as well, for $49.99 a pop.

Product Page [Best of The Sharper Image via New Launches]