Beer Machine 2000: For Drunks Who Hate Their Tastebuds

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The art of making beer has always been interesting to me in a vague, I'll-never-really-do-that kind of way. I don't know anything about hops or malts or whatever, I just enjoy the final product. But there's always that satisfaction that goes along with making something yourself that I'm sure would feel just great alongside those feelings of euphoria and enhanced self-worth that comes with drinking beer.


Enter Beer Machine 2000. You don't need to know anything about how to make beer with this bad boy. Just put in the "beer mix" powder and presto-chango, you've got beer. I'm not sure where on the delicious spectrum beer that was made in a plastic machine from a powdered mix would fall, but my guess would be somewhere between Schlitz and Genny Cream Ale. I'll stick with the Brooklyn Brewery, thanks.

Product Page [via Uber-Review]

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Huell Howitzer

I've heard great things about Brooklyn Brewery beers, but I haven't seen them anywhere in Los Angeles, including BevMo. I'll stick with my hometown Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter which seems to be everywhere down here now.

As for the machine- dumb idea. Why would you want to make your own beer if it was crummy? That's what canned domestic lagers are for.