Believe It or Not This Paper Scarf Will Actually Help Keep You Warm

You've always got a place to jot down ideas with a smartphone in hand, but can your Nexus 6 keep you warm on a cold morning? Not likely, and definitely not like this Paper Scarf from Little Factory can, while giving you over five-and-a-half feet of white space to scribble down notes and doodles.


Made from a paper-like material called Tyvek developed by DuPont that's often used for insulating homes or in protective clothing, the $25 scarf is lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and breathable. And it comes with either blue or gray stitching simulating the lines on the page.

It's not going to keep you warm when the weather plummets well below the freezing mark, but it will help keep you comfy when it's moderately cold out. And you can even write on it, which is something you can't do with a scarf made from cashmere, unless you're willing to have at it with a Ketchup dispenser. [Little Factory via designboom]

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