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Belkin Bluetooth iPod Dock Adapter

Illustration for article titled Belkin Bluetooth iPod Dock Adapter

Instead of designing this like traditional wireless iPod docks where you place your iPod in a dock and use a clumsy remote to control the music, Belkin's iPod dock adapter lets you use your iPod itself as a remote. Ingenious? Definitely.


The Dock adapter comes in two pieces, one for your iPod and one for your iPod dock. It uses Bluetooth to mimic an actual dock and stream commands and music from your iPod to the dock. Much better than trying to read the tiny screen from across the room.

The dock adapter launches in March for $129.

Press Release [Belkin]

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Consider it $129 to have a remote that actually has the screen that shows what you are playing. Seems like a pretty good idea to me, except, couldn't you just add an FM transmitter for considerably less and broadcast to any amp with an FM tuner? Certainly much less expensive than $129. So, while it is not a bad idea, I am not certain that it is 'ingenious'. Then again, I am not certain that I necessarily know what that shmansy-pansy word means, anyway.