Belkin Releases Lap-Friendly CushTop, PocketTop Laptop Accessories

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Belkin has released two products that will make your lap a little more comfortable when trying to work with a scorching hot notebook without a table or desk. The CushTop is a block-style device that can prop up the laptop, keep it's hot underside from your body and store any and all other laptop accessories. The CushTop retails for $39 and is available in silver, orange or green. The other laptop accessory from Belkin is the PocketTop. This is essentially a case/workstation. It is built large enough to provide work room around the laptop. The PocketTop is made out of a heat-resistant material and will be available for $49 also in silver, orange or green.

They may look a little whacky, but they likely get the job done and keep your private parts nice and cool. And isn't that all that really matters in laptop computing—keeping your genitals safe?


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