Ben Affleck's Batman Could Be A Drone-Piloting Badass

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We already know that Ben Affleck's Batman from the up-and-coming Batman Vs. Superman is a supposed to be a jaded old Bruce Wayne who's a bit dried up, but still clever as a fox. And now a random tweet delivers even more information on Bruce Wayne's future lifestyle.


Film producer Daniel Alter (Hitman), who is currently working with Warner Bros., released an interesting tweet earlier this week, potentially spilling some details on Batman Vs. Superman.

Is this fact? That's a hard maybe. Perhaps Alter is merely tweeting about his personal desires for the Batman Vs. Superman flick. Perhaps he's toys with the fans, Either way the guy has ties to WB, so now we have to write about it. You know the drill.

That being said, the whole drone thing makes sense as Batman really could use the leg up on Superman, plus drones are so hot right now in films (and cheap). So it could be real. What do you think?



That is all. Alright too negative, how about maybe, because it sounds very Kingdom Come. But Kingdom Come works because Batman is already jaded with super heroes and Superman in general, here he's meeting Superman for the first time.