BenQ AL26 Butterfly Phone

No, the AL26 doesn't actually look or fold up like a butterfly—there's just a small purple butterfly on the top left. Quite disappointing, actually. Nonetheless, BenQ is targeting the phone toward women (really, that's what they say) with its sliding body and 130x130 pixel resolution screen. It's really just a slightly different version of the AL26 Hello Kitty phone.

Delicate purple butterfly motifs adorn the shimmering white casing of this compact slider phone, making the mobile into a top-fashion eye-catcher - and not just for romantic women either... both in Eastern and Western cultures, the butterfly is regarded as a symbol of evolving femininity.


If the BenQ engineering team thinks that women are going to be fooled into buying this phone just for the butterfly, they obviously don't know many women. Well, they are engineers after all.

BenQ pursues painted ladies with butterfly-branded handset [Reg Hardware]

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