Best Buy Is Making Its Own Cheap Android Tablet for Some Reason

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After the Kindle Fire proved that people wanted cheaper tablets, everybody started making them. Google made the Nexus 7, Apple is coming out with an iPad mini and now Best Buy wants to make its own cheap Android tablet: the Insignia Flex. The only difference is that Best Buy's cheap tablet isn't small. It's a full size 9.7-inch tablet.

But, yes, it's going to be made by Best Buy. The big box store you probably don't go to as often anymore but still sells stuff to boatloads of people wants to make an Android tablet on the cheap. Reuters is reporting that the Flex will cost around $239 to $259 and have a dual-core 1GHz processor, 9.7-inch screen and 10-hour battery life. That sounds pretty decent bang for the buck and given that the price costs the same as Google and Amazon's smaller tablets, people who don't care about quality may find some value in the Flex.

Insignia is Best Buy's in-house brand for making more affordable products (Insignia has cheap TVs and Blu-Ray players too) so it's looking like Best Buy wants to cover the low end market. Reuters says the Insignia Flex will launch on November 11th, guess we'll find out if anyone wants a Best Buy-made tablet soon enough. [Reuters, Insignia]

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Since Best Buy is actually making it, I wonder if you can ask about the product and the sales reps will still pick up the box and read the label to you.