Best Buy Plans All But Confirm Big Tablet Influx This Holiday Season

With all the of looming tablet news churning in the news cycle today, it's really no surprise that a big box chain like Best Buy would be clamoring to get as many devices as possible onto store shelves, and soon.

And the news today is that they totally are, with the full push coming, unsurprisingly, this holiday season.


As reported recently in Forbes, the big blue and yellow chain will make tablets a focus this holiday, most likely in the run up to and on Black Friday. There was no mention of specific models or anything like that, but you'd be entirely safe and secure with the belief that the iPad will most certainly not be the only touchscreen slab of metal, plastic and silicon sitting on Best Buy shelves come November.

Of course, if you've been following the tablet rumor space for any amount of time this summer, the notion that this holiday—and most of Q4, for that matter—will be inundated with tablets sporting Android, Windows 7 and iOS. [Forbes via Engadget]

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