Best New Bows, The Longterm Impact Of Frostbite, And Fracking In National Parks: What’s New Outside

Want to improve your ultralight water purification? Shopping for a new backpacking saw or hunting bow? What about a pair of hiking shoes? This is What’s New Outside.


Easy Ultralight Water Filtration: Section Hiker has a great guide to a simple, cheap and, most importantly, light water purification system for ultralight backpacking. It’ll be applicable to most other outdoor activities too. Just keep in mind that the little in-line fliters don’t last half has long as they claim to and replace them often. [Section Hiker]

Best Portable Saws: Want to take greater wood processing ability than a big survival knife into the backcountry with you? Then you’re gonna want a light, packable saw. Gear Institute has some good advice on which one will fit best into your system. [Gear Institute]

Gore’s New Range: Gore is splitting its fabric ranges into three distinct brands. Gore-Tex will handle the waterproof/breathable membranes, Gore Windstopper will be wind, but not waterproof stuff and a new one, called Gore Thermium, will focus on keeping the insulation in down and synthetic insulated jackets dry, while maximizing breathability. Knowing this stuff will help inform your shopping. [The Gear Caster]

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Keen’s New Hiking Shoes: Keen is a very popular brand outdoors due to its quality to price ratio and focus on hiking over other sports. Gear Junkie tests its new hiking sneakers and comes away impressed. [Gear Junkie]

Best New Bows, Shotguns, Rifles And Scopes: Outdoor Life just published its flagship comparison test of hunting rifles, shotguns and optics, and also a comparison of new compound bows and crossbows. If you’re going to shop for a new piece of hunting gear this winter, start here.


Frostbite And Future Injuries: It’s been a long-held belief that once you get frostbite, your risk of future injury to that particular extremity is increased, due to reduced circulation. A new study finds that may not be the case. [Backpacker]

REI Closing On Black Friday: Go do shit outside instead of shopping, basically. [USA Today]


National Park Service vs Fracking: The NPS is struggling to regulate the energy industry on your public lands, thanks to powerful lobbying from special interests. We’ll report more in-depth on this in the near future, but for now, read up on the issue here. [Backpacker]


What We’re Up To: Chis is in Kenya, Corey’s planning an ultralight backcountry hunting trip in Idaho, I’m enjoying being in town for once (trying to get Wiley and I’s exercise routines back on track!) and Ty is building a budget off-roader out of a cheap old 4Runner, but more on that soon.

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I really love my Katadyn Hiker Pro, but I’m seeing more and more people switching to these little Sawyer filters. I guess I’ll have to give it a try.

Hooray for new toys!