Beware The Black Rider Made Entirely Out Of Cake

It's hard to believe that the above picture is of an actual cake someone made, but lo and behold. this Nazgûl is just that. Never has the Black Rider looked so sinister and delicious!

This wonderful creation comes from Mel Todd of Take The Cake, who made the cake as part of Cakes from Middle-Earth, a sugar art collaboration celebrating the filmography of Peter Jackson. It's like an art gallery, but everything is delicious and edible. Why is that not every art gallery?


Todd constructed the giant cake out of Rice Krispies treats, fondant and, for the inside of the rider himself, the disembodied spirit of a former Númenorian lord modelling chocolate. Apparently, the Ringwraith can serve 35 people - or like, 3 Hobbits over the course of afternoon tea.

You can read an interview with Todd and see plenty more images of her cake-based masterpiece here. The One Ring, or Ringwraith cake? Truly the hardest question ever asked.

[via That's Nerdalicious]

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