Despite being completely vulnerable to attacks from safety pins, the Baymax robot from last year's Big Hero 6 was just about the best sidekick a kid could have—mostly because it was skilled at treating skinned knees and other injuries. This LED lamp version of Baymax isn't quite as talented, but it can ensure a kid who's afraid of the dark will sleep through the night.


In addition to just glowing, the $50 LED lamp has five different lighting modes that include a slow fade in and out to make it look like Baymax is breathing, a flashing mode, and a soothing sleep option where the LEDs slowly dim over time to help a kid fall asleep. The robot's arms and head are also posable, and the lamp is USB-powered so it could even be powered by a portable charger if kids wanted to use it as a flashlight. [Brando via Chip Chick]

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