Big Leak Seems to Give Us the Best Look Yet at the Galaxy Fold 2

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Technically, Samsung still hasn’t given it an official name, so in lieu of that, people are just calling it the Galaxy Fold 2. And now, thanks to a user on Weibo, we may have just gotten the best look yet at Samsung’s next foldable phone.

Earlier this morning on Weibo, user Wang Ben Hong posted a series of relatively detailed pics showing the Galaxy Fold 2 from almost every angle. Compared to Motorola’s Razr reboot, it seems like Samsung is going for something a little more minimalist. Instead of a big chin at the bottom of the phone, the Galaxy Fold 2 sports what appears to be a slightly thicker, more rounded body along with a thin bezel surrounding its flexible display and a punch hole selfie cam up top.


On the exterior of the phone’s upper half, there’s also two outward-facing cameras and a small second screen for quickly checking the time and possibly seeing notifications, but that’s about it.

Strangely, this streamlined look may end up being one of the Fold 2's biggest problems. Compared to the new Razr with its notched display and bulky bottom, the Fold 2 lacks a bit of personality. The Galaxy Fold’s 2 more balanced design will almost certainly be better for using the phone in landscape mode than Razr’s nostalgic reboot, but it doesn’t really engender any warm and fuzzy memories of phones from yesteryear.

That said, with reports claiming the Galaxy Fold 2 will start at under $1,000—$500 less than the new Moto Razr—the Fold 2's less exciting styling may not matter. For a lot of people, the simple ability to fold their phone in half and have it fit comfortably in their pants pockets (especially women whose clothes are often plagued by pockets too small to actually be useful) is all they really need to choose something like the Fold 2 over a more traditional glass sandwich-style handset.

As for the crease seen on the original Galaxy Fold, the pictures don’t quite have enough detail to tell if that will be an issue or not. However, since the new Moto doesn’t have one, I would be somewhat surprised to see one on Samsung’s second-gen folding phone.


And while the Galaxy Fold 2 looks a bit thicker than the upcoming Moto Razr, that may give it two other small advantages over the Razr: easier one-handed opening, and some extra room for battery, the latter of which has been a concern for some after Moto revealed that the new Razr will feature a relatively small 2510 mAh battery.

Still, it’s a bit too soon to make any real judgments, but for argument’s sake, let’s say both phones end up costing a similar amount of money, which one are you leaning towards?


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I guess I just don’t get the appeal. Why do I want to take the extra step to open my phone before using it?  That design only made sense when we really used our phones infrequently and we were trying to cover up buttons from being hit and stuff.