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Big Screen Virus Alert Is Worse Than a Big Screen BSoD

Illustration for article titled Big Screen Virus Alert Is Worse Than a Big Screen BSoD

Reader David sends in this outdoor virus alert on the busiest street in Montreal, Canada. Could this be the start of a new FAIL trend?


BSoDs, yeah, those are harder to catch unless you make sure your signage app is bug-free and memory-leak free. Virus alerts, on the other hand, are another story. Seriously, virus alerts? You shouldn't be using this machine for anything else besides displaying this banner, so where the hell did the virus come from? Either the machine's already been infected (a big possibility) or somebody's going to broadcast his Gmail login for prospective customers of Restaurant Basha. [Thanks David!]

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Basha? From the logo, it looks like an Italian restaurant run by Shriners. Or all the serve is Pringles. What is this place? I must know!