This is an Airbus A380-the largest passenger aircraft in the world-eaten alive by an Antonov AN-124-the largest mass-produced cargo airplane in the world (which I filmed inside at Dubai's airport). Before you exclaim "Photoshop!", this is a real photo by Dmitry Avdeev. However, it's not a real A380: it's a 1/3 scale model, which makes it the biggest aircraft replica in the world. So big, in fact, that its 87-feet wingspan is 3 feet and 4 inches wider than a real Concorde. Seeing it completely built in video gives you an idea of its gigantic scale.


Click to view The Emirates A380 model has been placed at the Heathrow Airport roundabout previously known as the Concorde Roundabout-because it had a replica of that plane. It's not made of Lego bricks, but given the fact that it is bigger than my apartment, I won't mind living in one. [Emirates]

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