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Lego Airbus A380 Is Biggest Lego Airplane in the World

Behold the biggest Lego airplane in the world, made after the largest passenger airplane in the world, the Airbus A380. Made at a 1:25 scale-9.5-foot long, 10.5-foot wingspan, 3.2-foot tall—the Lego A380 uses 220 pounds (100kg) of bricks. That’s a mindblowing 75,000 pieces in eight colours—15 Lego Millennium Falcons.


With that amount of bricks, and knowing how long my Falcon is taking, I’m not surprised that it took 600 hours for the entire team of professional Legoland model builders to assemble this beast. [Giz’s Lego Trip]

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@Cordfucious the Black: OH OH I can see it now!

LindsayJoy's MBP is into S+M: OMG I love it, I'm getting three and sending Kaiser-Machead one!

PurpleDave: @LindsayJoy's MBP is into S+M: Yeah, let's see you buy one. And who gives a shit about that Kaiser guy anyway?

In other news, I want this, but I want it in the Kaiser Airlines colors.