Bill Gates Blows $2.5 Million Decking Out His Personal "Cubicle"

Illustration for article titled Bill Gates Blows $2.5 Million Decking Out His Personal Cubicle

Nobody knows exactly what Bill Gates is doing with his new company, bgC3, but rumors are floating around that the Big PC Man himself is shelling out big dinero for his new digs. For his private office, he is supposedly spending over $2.5 million on high-end furniture. That’s not even including the $75,000 coffee bar. I thought excessive spending was going out of style, but hey, if you have $2.5 million lying around to spend on your personal office, I know a few struggling bloggers out there, cough, who wouldn’t mind a nicer couch... [TMZ]


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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

Ahh, his money, let him spend it. He's put enough into charities, this isn't a socialist state yah here... well at least not for the next couple of months anyhow.