Bill Wyman's Signature Metal Detector… Wait, What?

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It's been a big week for the Rolling Stones. First, Keith Richards admits to snorting his father's ashes in what might just be the most insane and awesome admission by a celebrity ever, and now former Stones bassist Bill Wyman is releasing his own signature metal detector.


What in the hell is a former Rolling Stones bassist doing releasing a metal detector? Well, apparently everyone in that band is totally batshit insane, but Wyman claims to not only be a famous musician but also a "keen amateur historian and authority on metal detecting." Whatever dude, call me when you've done something as equally crazy as Richards and then maybe I'll be impressed.

Product Page [via Red Ferret Journal]



Wow... Yea, Keith did NOT snort his fathers ashes. He just had an interview yesterday in which he completely denied it, also saying something along the lines of "I'd only do cocain now adays if i'd want to die." I mean, thats not a direct quote, because i cant remember it verbatim, but yea, he didnt do it.