Illustration for article titled Bird Beats Broadband! Pigeon Flies 4GBs Faster than South African DSL

South Africa's broadband has got to be feeling pretty ill-equipped today considering a real, wing-flapping pigeon beat its transfer speeds. No really, a company found out that sending a bird with a 4GB USB drive was faster than uploading.

That has got to hurt for Telkom, one of South Africa's main ADSL providers, but damn is Winston the pigeon feeling like the man today. He is telling all the other pigeons, how it took him two hours to carry the strapped-to-his-back flash drive 60 miles to the company's second office in Durban. In the same time the broadband service had only sent 4 percent of the data. You do the math but that is pretty damn slow upload speeds. No wonder the guys at Unlimited IT first joked that a bird could send files faster.


This is just the kind of story I want to read to children at night (I'm thinking the picture book is called "Winston and the Broadband"). Let's hope South Africa gets those fiber optic lines installed soon or else a crap load of bird seed. [BBC]

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