Bizarre Japanese Toy Turns Bodies into Orchestras

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If you're already in the habit of slapping and poking your friends (IRL, not Facebook), you might as well get some music out of it. The Ningen Gakki Human Instrument Machine converts contact to compositions, and, of course, looks absurd.

To "play" the Ningen Gakki, each member of your quartet grabs on to one of it's stubby arms. Then, you just... touch each other. High fives, caresses, smacks—they'll all produce a note from one of the little plastic music squid's pre-programmed tunes, like Amazing Grace, or the timeless classic, The Other Day, I Met a Bear. It looks like it probably works through electrical conduction, or perhaps just Japanese Toy Magic. I imagine the Ningen Gakki would be a decent way to break the ice before an uncomfortable foursome (and oh, imagine the music that would make). [via GeekStuff4U]