Not a wealth of goodies at ridonkulously low prices being tossed at shoppers, but Mr. Walton's got a few deals up his warehouse-sized sleeves. Weirdly, they've split them between the B&M and online stores. Heading up the in-store specials is a 42-inch Sharp Aquos LCD—no model number given, par for the course in this ad—for $866.

There's also a 52-inch Vizio LCD for $1889 in-store, but you'll probably get what you pay for, and a usually $250 Samsung DVD camcorder for $200. Online, the Rose and Gold DS bundles are 5 bucks cheaper, and they're practically giving away the Renegade Game Chair for $180. Oh, and the walk-in wine vault's a steal for only $20,000. [Sam's Club, Sam's Club via BF Ads, Flickr]