Black Mirror Will Return to Netflix for a Fourth Season

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We haven’t even seen the third season of Charlie Brooker’s wonderful dystopian anthology series Black Mirror yet, but there’s already good news for the show’s future at its new home on Netflix.


While it shouldn’t be too surprising that there will be more Black Mirror, it’s always nice to have confirmation—this time coming directly from producer Annabel Jones, speaking at a screening of the new series in London:

When you’re ready to do the next series you do [it]. Thankfully Netflix loved the show, stepped in and commissioned six films. So that allows us to play out on a bigger canvas, and take more risks, explore worlds without destabilising the Black Mirror sensibility. It’s great. And we’ve got another season coming up too.

Considering the move from its UK home on Channel 4 to Netflix has already bumped up the series’ running order from three episodes to six, the third season was already like getting two new seasons anyway for fans. Now there’s going to be even more on the way? So much Black Mirror, so little time to watch it all and fill our elves with existential dread for the future of our species.

Black Mirror’s third season will drop on Netflix October 21st.

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