Black Panther Takes on Wolverine in Ambitious Fan Trailer

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King of Wakanda versus the strongest man in Canada. Vibranium vs. Adamantium. Heroism vs. Revenge. In this impressive fan trailer, Wolverine’s roaring rampage is opposed by Marvel’s best king.

Created by stryder HD, this fan trailer mashes up footage from a number of X-Men movies and the recent Black Panther trailer to pit Wolverine against the Wakandan hero. In a world where Wolverine is recovering his memory and seeking out revenge on the people who made him what he is, Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa takes a stand. The trailer channels the vibe of Batman V. Superman a little bit, too, setting two heroes on an inevitable collision course.

More ambitious than most fan trailers, this one actually splices footage together, putting Wolverine in Wakanda and juxtaposing him with Black Panther in a very direct way. It doesn’t necessarily work—there are clear differences in the quality of the footage used—but the effort is commendable, and the effect is still pretty neat. Check it out below.


The real Black Panther movie comes out February 16, 2018.