BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Review: Oh Thank God

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac is landing tomorrow. Good news? It works and it's fast. And since it syncs your info and media in the same app, I think it's actually better than dealing with BlackBerry on Windows. Crazy.

It doesn't look or feel particularly Mac-like, but it is easy to figure out and use, since there's not a whole lot going, really. Pick what you want to sync—contacts, calendars, notes (from Mail), tasks and music—it syncs it, done.


Its staunchly BlackBerry utilitarianism is something you really notice within the application manager, where you install, uninstall or update apps on your BlackBerry, since it's an all-text list instead of a nice graphical representation of what's on your phone.

It syncs iTunes playlists for your music, but it actually does this in the same app it manages your info, which is a step up from the Roxio crap Windows users have to deal with. (I have the feeling that will change whenever RIM's contract with Roxio runs out.) It'll backup and restore all of the data on your device (which can be encrypted), though by default it's only set to create weekly backups. And of course, you can wipe data too. It also works with multiple BlackBerrys, so you can manage several from one computer.

I hope they make it prettier and a liiiiittle bit more polished over time, but for now, it's what BlackBerry users on Mac have wanted: a really simple way to sync the data on their phone that actually works. [BlackBerry]

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This is going to make my life so much easier! Here at work, people kill their BBs on a daily basis. We're a Mac shop, so I get to use this old-ass ThinkPad to back up all their data for a wipe/restore.

At 11 today, my job will be MUCH simpler.