BlackBerry Niagara 9630 Gets Groped: "Best BlackBerry Keyboard. Ever. Best Screen. Ever."

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Boy Genius has one of the first hands on with Verizon's incoming BlackBerry Niagara 9630. The initial impressions? The word "best" gets tossed around a lot.

• Best BlackBerry keyboard. Ever.
• Best BlackBerry speakers. Ever.
• Best screen. Ever. (It looks more like glass than crappy plastic)
• Best size/feel. Ever.


Coming from someone who loves BlackBerrys so much he commissioned a customized BlackBerry Bold (the one on the right), them's some hot and heavy words. I am pretty excited about that keyboard myself, since the Bold's is my favorite QWERTY keyboard ever, and the Niagara has the same one, minus the fat ass.

Update: Oops, I missed Kevin's hands on over at CrackBerry (I was on a break when he published it, sorry!), who goes much more in depth and has video. He likes it a lot too, though doesn't venture into calling it "best ever" territory. [Boy Genius Report]