Illustration for article titled BlackBerry Niagara 9630 Gets Groped: Best BlackBerry Keyboard. Ever. Best Screen. Ever.

Boy Genius has one of the first hands on with Verizon's incoming BlackBerry Niagara 9630. The initial impressions? The word "best" gets tossed around a lot.


• Best BlackBerry keyboard. Ever.
• Best BlackBerry speakers. Ever.
• Best screen. Ever. (It looks more like glass than crappy plastic)
• Best size/feel. Ever.


Coming from someone who loves BlackBerrys so much he commissioned a customized BlackBerry Bold (the one on the right), them's some hot and heavy words. I am pretty excited about that keyboard myself, since the Bold's is my favorite QWERTY keyboard ever, and the Niagara has the same one, minus the fat ass.

Update: Oops, I missed Kevin's hands on over at CrackBerry (I was on a break when he published it, sorry!), who goes much more in depth and has video. He likes it a lot too, though doesn't venture into calling it "best ever" territory. [Boy Genius Report]

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