BlackBerry Onyx Loses a Trackball, Gains a Trackpad

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The leaked-to-all-hell BlackBerry Onyx may have undergone one last change before heading to manufacture: judging by this shot nabbed by BlackBerry Underground, it'll have a Curve 8520-esque optical trackpad—not a trackball.

This feature has been a persistent rumor since the original Onyx shots hit the web, though the fact that it contradicted the actual photos of the device didn't bode well for its credibility.


In the context of early reactions to the Onyx leak, this apparent late change makes a lot of sense: the handset was characterized as a best-of-all-worlds device, keeping all the best features of non-touch BlackBerrys without sacrificing compactness. Grabbing the optical trackpad from the 8520, then, is an obvious move. [BlackBerry Underground via BGR]

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I thought the Onyx was renamed the "Tour". Now I am really confused.

I need a new phone for work and I was planning on getting the Tour (cause I is on Verizon) but if the Onyx is better, then what the hell?!?

I is confused.