BlackBerry Storm 2 Explainer Features Piezo Electronics, Wifi

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An exhaustive BlackBerry Storm 2 video hit YouTube this weekend that details how the upcoming mobile's piezo electric screen is miles ahead of the original's big clicky button. Oh, and that wifi thing makes another appearance too.

Now, the clicky thing is still there, of course, but thanks to that aforementioned piezo electronic screen there's no lag between presses, and texting or emails—staples of any BlackBerry addict's repertoire—are a breeze. In fact, the clicking happens all over the screen as the tech contained within divides it up into several "buttons" at once.

The demo phone is also a Verizon one, by the way, so when wifi pops up early on in the video, it lends further credence to our earlier reporting about the carrier unblocking that functionality when the phone hits in September. [YouTube via Engadget]