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BlackBerry Storm 2 Screen Won't Be Clicky, Verizon to Un-Ban Wi-Fi on Smartphones

Illustration for article titled BlackBerry Storm 2 Screen Wont Be Clicky, Verizon to Un-Ban Wi-Fi on Smartphones

Boy Genius rolls up Verizon's entire lineup of new BlackBerrys, but the most interesting point confirms what I suspected when I saw the Storm 2 shots yesterday: The Storm's clicky screen is gone. Update:


Instead, it'll work "more like traditional capacitive touch screen panels," maybe with haptic feedback. Given Palm and Microsoft's push toward multitouch, maybe RIM's not afraid of Apple anymore and we'll see some actual multitouch instead, not just the handful of gestures the Storm's got now.

Update: Oh, and some extras from the roundup of rumors: The Pearl Flip's coming real soon, and Verizon may allow future BlackBerry smartphones (starting with the Tour) to use Wi-Fi, thus satisfying its suddenly very confused customers. "Wait," they'll say. "I'm allowed to like my service AND my phone? I thought it was one or the other!" [BGR]


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Why did they even have the click screen to begin with? It completely defeated the purpose of the touch screen.