BlackBerry Torch 9800 at Half Price After Only One Week

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Update: We just discovered that Amazon has been selling the Torch at $99 since launch, contrary to what PC World reported. We regret the error, and it's something we should have checked into before publishing. – JC


Sales are so disappointing for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 that Research In Motion has decided to halve its price from $199 to $99 only one week after its launch. You can find the deal in many online retailers.

This huge price cut follows disappointing sales, perhaps caused by generalized bad reviews in the press... or the simple fact that the Torch is just a bad phone compared to the competition. While this could be RIM's best BlackBerry phone, the 9800 has a ridiculous 480x360-pixel 3.2-inch screen—which pales in comparison with the iPhone 4 and the top Android phones—and a messy operating system which "fixes none of the major problems with BlackBerry."

A 50% price cut one week into the product's life is definitely not good news for Research In Motion, who was hoping this was going to be the great savior against ferocious competition from Apple and Google.

The discounted Torch is available from Amazon and many other online resellers with a two-year AT&T contract. AT&T's page hasn't been updated yet. [Amazon, Let's talk, Wirefly via PC World]




"it has a ridiculous 480x360-pixel 3.2-inch screen"

Um, wow. That's ridiculous? Just because there are some high end non-Blackberry phones out there with better screens? 480x360 is a perfectly fine resolution for a phone. Business users don't even know what that means. And yes, Giz, this is a business phone; it doesn't need 6G broadband and a 48 megapixel 3D camera. It's for business. Repeat: it's for business.