BlackPad Won't Run OS 6, Will Run QNX's OS?

Many assumed—rightly so—that RIM would be using some form of OS 6.0 on its upcoming "BlackPad" tablet, but the word on the town is that they'll actually be using a completely new tablet platform, based on QNX's microkernel-based OS, which they acquired from Harman International back in April.


Added to that is the concern that the BlackPad would need to be tethered to a mobile device or Wi-Fi, as it wouldn't feature integrated 3G. While I'm very intrigued by the tablet (being a BlackBerry user), I do worry that the slated November launch might be rushed. We all saw what happened with the original Storm. [Bloomberg via Electronista]


Well, not running the vanilla OS 6 is a good start. That would be a disaster. But a completely different OS? I don't know about that, sounds like it will cause fragmentation, and break compatibility. I think BB OS6 re-skinned would be fine.