Blair Witch 3: Find Out What Happened To Those Damn Kids

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The Blair Witch Project's creators are chatting about the possibility for another try at reviving the dead franchise. The good news: they ditched the third film's original Crucible-esque premise. The bad news: those zany campers are back.

First the creators mulled around the idea for a 1700s-set prequel. Thank goodness creators Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick had the smarts to ditch that idea. In an interview with BBC the two discussed their Plan B: revealing what happened to the yelly kids from the first film.

Ideally, each Blair Witch film would be a completely different kind of movie. We've thought about doing a film that takes place in the late 1700s and looks like a [Stanley] Kubrick movie with gritty looking people and lighting.

But now, we're thinking about going back and and seeing what happened directly after the first film finished.

I think it will have some kind of video element in it, but it won't be a first person hand-held movie.


No shaky cam? Then why do I fear it will be mockumentary-style anyway? Not to be a killjoy because I enjoyed the first movie when it was first released, but is there anyone who really needs to know what happened to those kids? I'm pretty sure it went like this: they died, the end. Still it's gotta be better than the second film.