Blastosaurus May Be Our Sci-Fi Future

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New comic book publisher/movie producer American Original announced its first projects at this weekend's WizardWorld Philly convention, and amongst them was one science fiction project that sounded right up our alley... if a little worryingly SciFi Original Movie-esuqe: Blastosaurus.

The series - which started life as a self-published minicomic - was created by New Zealander Richard Fairgray, and described by American Original founder Jeff Katz as "a very simple thing" that he fell in love with quickly:

It was a dinosaur cop who's mutated and brought into the future to fight crime against velociraptor street gangs in the big city in the tone of the old school, early Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff. It plays with it edgier – not necessarily as a kid thing but in a kid's context. I look[ed] at this, and I went, 'Christ! Kids like dinosaurs. Kids like crimefighting. This is as natural a kids property with some teeth to it as there is.'


Katz said that the original mini-comics will be released in a collected edition before a new series created for American Original is released. We're just hoping that the creators of Dinosaurs For Hire don't sue.

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