Blockbuster Online Members Socked With Christmas Price Hike

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Isn't this a fine little Christmas present from our friends at Blockbuster? Maybe the movie rental company figured since it's this close to the holidays, no one would notice a price increase at Blockbuster Online, announced in a letter to subscribers yesterday. The most painful hit will be taken by those with a "three-out unlimited" plan, taking a huge price boost up the butt, from $24.99 to $34.99, an astonishing 40% hike. Those with the two-disc unlimited plan won't be too happy to see their $21.99 rate suddenly increasing to $29.99, a 35.3% increase. It wasn't quite that bad for other members, most of which saw plan prices raised a couple of bucks. Netflix, anyone? [Hacking Netflix]


Broken Machine

I canceled my Netflix about a year ago when I found we were getting lazy with returning the movies. We would then just go to the B&M stores and rent something. So I figured I would get the Blockbuster online account, and return the movies back at the store and choose a new one. It also left an option open for games.

Some problems with that. If I sent the movies back, it would take 4-5 days for a new movie to be sent. Turnaround was 8 days instead of Netflix's 3. If I took the movie back, I would often get the next movie on my list put into shipping BEFORE I got home - OFTEN the same movie I had just rented (they have since corrected this). The game rental I never took advantage of - you need a credit card to rent games, a debit card is not good enough. When I bought my house, I ditched the credit cards - it's something that works WELL for me. I can rent a car with the Debit card, but can't rent a game - great business. (this part was added AFTER I joined Blockbuster)

Netflix gladly welcomed me back, sent me a $20 gift certificate for some gourmet popcorn or something, and has been shipping me movies the first week they are out consistently.

You really can't feel bad about companies putting themselves out of business.