Blu-ray Discs Cracked With Help From PS3?

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Guys in basements cracked the HD DVD code a few days weeks and now there are preliminary reports suggesting that Blu-ray discs have also been cracked. When I say "preliminary" I really mean it because the only proof that we have is one lonely post on an HDTV blog. Allegedly, three or more people have claimed to find the title/volume keys on Blu-ray discs by using a PS3. Linux, modding and voodoo are involved, apparently. If this turns out to be accurate, it would mean that neither HD DVD nor Blu-ray are as secure as their handlers wanted Hollywood to believe. When pirates are determined to buy their own nation, how do you fight that? Somewhere, an MPAA official is crying (and drawing up lawsuits).


This just in: Possible Blu-ray title/volume key exploit found on PS3 [HDTV Blogger via PS3Scene]


Being a long time pirate myself, (The kind that takes from the rich and keeps for myself not the kind that sells things I take) I can tell you there is one way to stop piracy. The industries have to stop being pirates themselves. If they sold movies for a reasonable price then none of the casual pirates would pirate them. It's to much work for the reward. Once your past the fun of cracking something it's just a matter of copying things. Also if the software industry would stand behind their products and let you return a title that sucks, or that doesn't work then people would be more ready to throw down 40+ bucks for a title, but as it is you have about a 25% chance of the title actually working on your machine and being worth the money. Being a basically honest person, if I really like something I will go out and buy a copy even after I have it downloaded, why you may ask? Well it's to support the software that I do like and do want to see more of. Same thing goes for music. Sell single tracks for a reasonable about of money and keep your crappy DRM to yourself and we will buy them instead of copying them, until then, good luck getting paid, and enjoy all the bills from the copy protection companies, in most cases these idiot publishers could save the money they think they are loosing to pirates by not paying the copy protection people.

Anyway, Piracy will not go away and we will beat the system down every time. Why? because we do this shit for fun, and to not get screwed ourselves.