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Blu-ray Improvements on the Horizon: Faster Loads, iPhone Connectivity and IMDB

Illustration for article titled Blu-ray Improvements on the Horizon: Faster Loads, iPhone Connectivity and IMDB

What does Fox have in mind for improving the experience of Blu-rays? Actually...some really great ideas, according to SlashFilm.


The most immediate (and maybe most promising) is Live Lookup. It'll be on the Wolverine disc (you know, the same one that has the PSPgo digital copy).


Live Lookup allows you to hit a button and be linked to IMDB. Actors can be sorted by scene, allowing you to search for bikini shots of cute, female b-listers later. Check it out in the lead photo.

Load times should be diminished or even eliminated, but at a cost. Fox plans to load BD menus while you watch previews. So things may not actually get faster, but you may have more incentive to sit through all that extra promotional material that shouldn't be on a BD in the first place.

Finally, we may even control a BD player through a remote device, like an iPhone. Not only could you search for content without popping a guide up onscreen, but the BD player could stream additional content to this second, personal screen.

These are all great ideas, but hopefully more studios than just Fox will adopt them. Read more of what Fox had to say on the matter over at: [SlashFilm]


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Hmm, how about all of this available on demand through an online service, with no physical media? Nah, it'll never work. :D