Blu-rays to Include PSP-Exclusive Digital Copies

Illustration for article titled Blu-rays to Include PSP-Exclusive Digital Copies

Starting this November, some Blu-ray releases will include digital copies that only play on PSPs.


Godzilla and The Ugly Truth—both Sony Pictures films—will include extra discs that won't do anything special when placed in a standard Blu-ray player. But when played in a PS3, users will be able to download a PSP-exclusive digital copy. The PSP copy can be downloaded over USB (we doubt it will work over Remote Play, but that'd be pretty handy).

Whether or not you own the necessary PS3/PSP combo or have any interest in digital copies of your Blu-ray movies, this news seems like yet another reason why the PS3 makes for the most attractive BD player on the market. While it doesn't have features like Netflix streaming, Sony will always put the new stuff on the PS3 first. [Blu-ray via Joystiq]

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Why in the name of Santa's scrotum do they not try to cater to the Walkman people? This setup working with the latest big-screened Walkman would be perfect. Just PSP? Why must Sony eat all the dicks?