Blu-ray Players Dominate 5 to 1 Over HD DVD in US

If one retailer's experiences on lagging sales wasn't enough bad news for the HD DVD camp, then the fact that Blu-ray outnumbers HD DVD players 5 to 1 probably should push them to a night of heavy drinking.


According to research group Digital Entertainment Group, there are 1.5 million Blu-ray players in the US. That's made up of 100,000 standalone players and 1.4 million PS3s. As for HD DVD, there are 150,000 Xbox 360 HD DVD players and 150,000 standalone players.

So if you look at it, the Xbox 360 is at the same time doing a great job of pushing the HD DVD format and doing a very poor job of pushing the HD DVD format.

Couple these numbers with Blockbuster's Blu-ray endorsement, and things don't look so rosy for HD DVD. That's a shame too, because we were slightly favoring HD DVD (the format, and standard) over Blu-ray. But at this point, we just want a winner—any winner—so we can get this ridiculous war over with.

Blu-ray: 5 to 1 Edge Over HD DVD Players [TVPredictions]


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