Blu-ray Ship Date Slips Again

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Blu-ray has slipped again. Sony announced that the first Blu-ray movies will not be available on May 23 as originally announced, but will be shipping nearly a month later, on June 20. Sony says the movies themselves are ready, but the problem is that Blu-ray players won't be available until at least that date. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment president Benjamin Feingold said,

"[T]he majority of our retail base and hardware partners have requested that we reconsider this date to better coincide with the first commercially available Blu-ray-compatible hardware."

This is probably related to Samsung saying its BD-P1000 Blu-ray player needs "additional testing" and will miss its May 23 ship date. Meanwhile, HD-DVD players have technically shipped, but try to find one in the United States. And, oh yeah, even if you do find one for sale, good luck finding movies to watch on it. Sure, there are reportedly a measly 16 titles available, but a quick trip to Best Buy revealed just four ancient craptastic movies on the shelf, with no HD DVD players in stock. BitTorrent, anyone?

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