For some people, even the lowly peanut butter and jelly sandwich represents a culinary challenge that could go disastrously wrong at every step. It's those amateur chefs who need all the help and support they can get, and that's what these placemats featuring detailed blueprints for incredibly simple dishes provide—well, that and a way to keep your dining table clean.


A set of four will set you back just $20, and it includes detailed schematics for the aforementioned PB&J sandwich, but also s'mores, banana splits, and ants on a log—aka a fancy celery stick. To some aspiring chefs they might seem insulting, but to others they could pave the way to that first crucial culinary success that puts them on the path to greatness—or at least advancing their newfound skills to the point of attempting to make toast. [Awkward Engineer via The Awesomer]