BluOnyx Digital Campfire For Phones, PMPs

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One of the many problems with using a cellphone as your sole media device is the lack of storage space. A one or two gigabyte SD card just doesn't hold enough music or movies to be used as a full-time mobile entertainment center. Enter the BluOnyx Mobile Content Server. With USB, SD, and upcoming Wi-Fi, BluOnyx allows you to stream data to your cellphones for on-the-fly playback, just like the data was on the device.


The Digital Campfire holds anywhere from 1GB to 40GB of data, which can be streamed to any nearby device as long as it's been authenticated. The price will range from $99 to $250, and it seems like an interesting solution for carrying around with you on your commute. Quite useless for us, however, seeing as our commute consists of getting from our bed to our desk, with a slight detour to drop off some goods at the bathroom.

Product Site [BluOnyx via Slashgear]

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Yeah this seems like another battery draining item to carry around. Ever use your phone for anything other than making calls to watch the power bars slipping away? Sorry but Wifi to listen to your cell phone or anything else draining your device with Wifi is a nightmare.Can we have a battery that holds 10 times the charge instead of crap that does 10 times as much drain for features?