Bones, Schmones! Let's Look At Some X-Rayed Gadgets And Toys

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Today was the 115th anniversary of the invention of the X-ray and while we could certainly talk about how the device improved modern medicine and helped many lives, we're going to reminisce about how it entertained us.

Yes, that means gadget guts.

After all, in the time since Wilhelm Röntgen studied the effects of the X-ray in 1895 many folks have used the process to view intimate details of some of our beloved gadgets. So for fun, here's a selection of our favorite X-ray images:

You'll spot an iPad, Sony's Aibo, game consoles, and plain ol' toys in our photo set, but we'd actually love to see what your favorite uses of the X-ray are. Toss them into the comments and we might toss a few stars in your direction.