Illustration for article titled Bong-Shaped Faucet Grants Conservation-Friendly, Liter-Sized Bursts

Water conservationists (most of us, right?) will likely love this design out of Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh. The conceptual faucet only gives the user a liter-sized burst before forcing them to wait for the reservoir to refill.

Aptly named the One Liter Limited faucet, this conceptual water-dispenser dolls out just enough water to get things clean and tidy, and then shuts you off until the top fills again. Time from full to empty is estimated at 30 seconds.


Clever, sure, but I fear that, should its designers get it installed in office or bar bathroom counters, it may end up on the floor in a watery heap. Patience does not mix well with high stress or intoxication. [Yanko Design via DVICE]

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