Boston Acoustics TVee Model Two Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

Today Boston Acoustics rolls out its TVee Model Two, a "soundbar" that connects directly to the line-output of your TV, plus a subwoofer. Unlike many products that look similar, it doesn't do surround sound, but there are other tricks that do make this 100-watt $400 system unique.

Yes, unlike surround bars from Yamaha, Denon, Philips and Polk, which provide either virtual, psychoacoustic or projected surround sound, the TVee Model Two is just stereo. It takes over the sound coursing through your TV set, supplanting your TV's crappy speakers. As low-tech as that sounds, the unit itself can learn the volume commands off of your TV's remote, for instant control. Also, the subwoofer is wireless, and can be placed anywhere in the room (near power, of course) thanks to a 2.4GHz RF connection. And in case you never heard of the Model One, don't feel bad: Boston Acoustics decided to skip straight to Model Two.

Boston Acoustics Introduces Groundbreaking Video Accessory to Dramatically Improve Television Sound: "TVee™" Model Two - A Television Entertainment Enhancement System"

— Innovative TV Accessory Enhances Enjoyment of Watching Everything from Sitcoms to Game Shows,
Sports, Movies and More! —

Peabody, MA, August 13, 2007 — Boston Acoustics, Inc., a world-renowned manufacturer of highperformance
loudspeakers and entertainment products, today announced the introduction of the TVee Model Two, A Television Entertainment Enhancement System (SRP: $399.99). This simple TV accessory is designed to enhance the enjoyment of TV watching. The innovative system consists of a slim single "soundbar" that can be placed above or below a television, or easily mounted on the wall, along with a matching wireless woofer that can be placed anywhere in the room to deliver added dynamic bass response. Once hooked up, viewers will enjoy an overall enhanced TV experience.

Convenient "One Wire" Hook-Up - and No Additional Remote Required!
Everything about the TVee Model Two is designed to make it quick and easy for anyone to add enhanced performance to their TV viewing. Users simply plug a single wire from the sound bar into their television's line-level output, and because the woofer is wireless, it can be placed virtually anywhere, even in a corner behind the couch, and still provide added bass response. Adding to user convenience, the TVee system features a special "Learning Function" which simply learns a user's existing TV remote to control TVee's volume and mute commands, eliminating the need for a separate remote control.

Eli Harary, Boston Acoustics Senior Vice President & General Manager noted, "TVee Model Two was
designed from the ground-up to improve the Television experience, especially in flat panel sets... simply! With TVee there's no tangle of wires, no extra remote, and no clutter of loudspeakers. It simply adds great sound to enhance your enjoyment of watching TV."

Like all Boston Acoustics products, TVee utilizes the highest quality loudspeaker components and build materials to achieve high quality and natural sound. TVee's soundbar features four 2.5-inch Mid Bass drivers and two 1/2-inch Dome Tweeters to deliver powerful room-filling audio, and the wireless woofer features a 6-inch Down Firing Bass Driver, and delivers a total system output of over 100 Watts RMS.

"Make It Your Own" with Boston Personal Option Plan (P.O.P.)
To make it easy for customers to individualize the look of their TVee Model Two and "make it their own," the system features the company's new P.O.P. (Personal Option Plan) design concept. P.O.P. lets users customize the look of their product using easily removable & replaceable cloth grilles that are available in a wide variety of colors, including Glacier, Rosebud, Onyx, Pearl Gray, Caramel, Chocolat, Silver, and Chili Pepper. To purchase a new grille, customers can simply visit the Boston Acoustics website ( and select the color of their choice or contact those dealers that will be stocking the grille color options. Boston Acoustics TVee Model Two and its optional P.O.P. cloth grilles are scheduled for shipment to retailers in September 2007.


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