Bottle Opener + Sunglasses = Beer Goggles?

We're convinced they started life as nothing more than a hi-larious drunken joke at a bar one night. But believe it or not, these Brewsees are now an actual product, ready to protect your eyes from the sun while facilitating the destruction of your liver through booze.

Unless you're into the whole Oakley look, the Brewsees aren't the most stylish shades you can buy. But damned if they're not the most functional, with each arm ending in a working bottle opener. Now you might be thinking to yourself that there's no way a plastic pair of sunglasses could be used to open a bottle. And you'd be right. That's why the openers on the Brewsees are actually made from 6061 airplane grade anodized aluminum. For $30 they even arrive inside a Brewsee-themed bottle koozie, and should be just as effective when it comes to hiding your drunken bloodshot eyes. [Brewsees via GeekAlerts]


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