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Brando Releases Cheapest iPhone User-Replaceable Battery Yet

Illustration for article titled Brando Releases Cheapest iPhone User-Replaceable Battery Yet

Brando may not be the first (that's these guys from iPodjuice), but they are the cheapest—offering a replacement iPhone battery for just $20. So, can someone tell this guy Trujillo, he of the Apple-shaped lawsuit, about this? More details about what you get alongside the battery after the jump.


Rechargeable Battery
Assembly Tools
Instruction Menu

I think this could be Brando's first useful product since the USB heating blanket. [Brando]


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Eh ... I'm guessing he won't do too much business before, oh, at least a year or so?

Any battery deficiencies will be handled by Apple for a year after purchasing, but, of course, there could be power users that charge it five times a day that will need a replacement sooner.

Or not.