Brass Knuckle Umbrella is a Class 5 Weapon

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According to the design page, this brass knuckle umbrella or "Umbuster" was categorized as a class 5 weapon by the Victorian Police—the primary law enforcement agency in Victoria Australia. That would make it illegal to own there without a license. I don't know about all of that considering that it appears to be a concept, but I do know you could do some serious damage with it. Then again, if you got in a scuffle in the rain, the drag from the open umbrella may render your punch harmless—resulting in a swift and brutal ass kicking. [Sruli Recht via Likecool]



I love the illogical argument:

A) People can't be trusted to defend themselves

B) Because people NEED to be defended we will find a means to defend them

C) People will be the means to defend those who need defending.

So, people will be armed to protect people who can't protect themselves from people.


We are doomed.