As paddleboarding surges in popularity, it looks like it could soon replace the canoe as the defacto mode of transport for weekend camping excursions. A company called Coreban has teamed up with celebrity outdoorsmen Bear Grylls to create the Ultimate Adventure Tent: an inflatable paddleboard that gets you to your campsite and gives you a comfy place to sleep once you're there.

The tent only has enough room to sleep one person, but it's not like you carry passengers on a stand up paddleboard anyways. It does, however, come with extra rigging for securing packs and other containers, and even a dry bag for protecting food and other gear while you're on the water.


The tent's simple Y-shaped pole system makes it easy to setup when you arrive at camp, and since it's an inflatable paddleboard, all you need to do is let out a little air to make it soft enough for a comfy night's sleep. At the moment Coreban is still working to perfect the design of the Ultimate Adventure Tent, including how to store all of the tent's components while still keeping the paddleboard rideable and stable in the water. But it already sounds like a far lighter alternative to a canoe, particularly if your adventure has you portaging to the next lake. [Coreban via Gizmag]

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