Break Out Your CAD Hat and Design a Mini Golf Course For NYC's Governor's Island

Attention Putt-Putt Tycoons: now is your chance to leave your mark. The folks who turn scary, ghost-filled Governor's Island in New York Harbor into a summertime funzone want you to design their minigolf course.

That's right. Figment, the organizers, are accepting public submissions for a single hole of what will become an 18-hole course which will be free to the public on weekends the entire summer. Your hole must somehow express the park's theme, which is ""City of Dreams."


Although, before you get too sinister, know this guideline:

Playability: Mini golf should be fun, not frustrating. Please design a hole that you can sink consistently in 2-5 putts. Remember that young children still developing motor skills will be playing.:

Kid-friendliness means no hidden Goatse references either, sickos. Keep it clean, and enter here: [Figment via Kottke]


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